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Tips for Clients

Transaction Flow

  1. Send us your original document (or a sample of it) via this site's Online Order fax or email. Please don't forget to specify your name, phone/fax number, contact person, requirements and a brief introduction of the material to be translated.
  2. Upon reception of your document, We will read it carefully and then send our quotation to you.
  3. After receiving your confirmation, we will make arrangements for translation.
  4. Upon completion of the job, we will deliver the targeted version via email etc. to you. You shall make payment in accordance with the relevant agreement that we have reached.

Translation Procedure

  1. Project analysis: examine the content and estimate the total price.
  2. Translator selection: select qualified translator appropriate for the job.
  3. Translation process: translate; also monitor and guide the progress. 
  4. Proofreading and editing
  5. Quality analysis
  6. Typesetting: typeset in the required format.
  7. Project submission: deliver the finished translation to the client.

Quality Assurance

A)  Translation 

  1. A qualified translator plays a major role in guaranteeing the translation quality and progress, reducing the cost and time put in follow-up stages like proofreading, and maintaining and contributing to our image and reputation. Therefore, we usually pay close attention to actively hunting for, strictly screening and sorting and dynamically assessing professional geniuses in the industry. We possess a highly efficient global network which consists of hundreds of professional translators who are experienced specialists with proven expertise in both languages and certain specialized fields. Some are members of translators association, Some are returned students, and some are native target language (English or Japanese) speakers. Thus, we can make timely response to our clients' requests worldwide.
  2. Examine the content of the original document to determine the language pair (source and target) and special field involved, difficulty, special field, deadline, urgency, style and format requirements etc.
  3. Our project supervisor who are familiar with each translator in our talents bank assigns the original document to the most appropriate and reliable translator(s).
  4. During the process of translation, our project supervisor keeps a close track of the progress, helping to solve doubts and problems, and coordinating the translator(s), editor(s) and proofreader(s) to keep the technical terminology and style etc. consistent. Data processing staff will then work harmoniously to carry out the next phase, i.e. typesetting and graphical processing, immediately following the completion of translation.
  5. After a translation is completed, our proofreading staff proofread the translation in the strictest manner, touching up, correcting and perfecting, to eliminate any possible misspellings, inconsistencies, coinings, fallacies, inadequacies, etc.
  6. In view of the current immature situation of machine translation, we adopt human translation as much as possible.
  7. We only commission our translation task to native (i.e. target language) speakers to assure the quality to the greatest possible extent.
  8. For any big project, we make it our rule to establish a terminology glossary to ensure the consistency of technical terms used in the whole project.
  9. After each project is carried out, we always ask our clients to feedback their comments, suggestions and assessments so that we can improve our service quality, and meanwhile maintain and develop a permanent and stable cooperation relationship with our them.

B)  Interpretation

  1. Like our translators network, we also have a interpreters network which consists of more than a hundred professional interpreters who are experienced specialists with proven expertise in both languages and certain specialized fields. We have strictly screened and sorted our interpreters according to criteria such as language pair (source and target), experience, specialty, capability etc. and filed such data in our talents archive. That is why we always provide quick and timely interpretation service to our clients upon request..
  2. After receiving request from a client, we search our archive immediately and pick out the right candidate(s) according to our client's requirements (e.g. small-scale or large-scale, formal or informal, major or minor activities, events or conferences; consecutive or simultaneous; time and place etc.). The client can give a interview to the candidate(s) if necessary.
  3. To guarantee the service quality, we usually ask our client to provide as much background information regarding the participants together with the subject matter of the activity as possible in order for the interpreter(s) to get acquainted in advance fulfill his mission successfully.
  4. After each service is carried out, we always ask our clients to feedback their comments, suggestions and assessments to us so that we can improve our service quality, and meanwhile maintain and develop a permanent and stable cooperation relationship with our them.

Applicable Rules

Please read the following agreement prior to sending us your request for translation. Once you have sent your request, we shall take it for granted that you have accepted the each of the terms below.

  1. OTO shall guarantee the service quality as required, whereas the client shall contact OTO as early as possible.
  2. A proofreading fee shall be charged which account for 30 - 50% of the total translation fee.
  3. OTO shall retain the format, style etc. of the original document. Nevertheless, if there should be any misspelling, ungrammatical phrase or sentence, or illogical statement or judgment that contradicts common sense or scientific principles, we shall correct it accordingly. In such a case, we shall make corrections only after we have received confirmation from the client.
  4. OTO assumes no liability for the source, content and application of the original document, and reject requests for translating materials that is detrimental to the state or the nation, or breaches the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China as well as international conventions.
  5. OTO shall not seek the copyright for any translated document, but reserves the right for affixing its signature unless otherwise specified.
  6. OTO shall keep the content of document for translation in strict confidence unless otherwise specified. If the client has any special requirement, he shall notify OTO in advance, so that both parties can sign a confidential agreement and take strict confidential measures.
  7. Should the client have any claim after receiving the translated document, he shall make the claim or notify OTO within 7 days.
  8. The amount of refund or claim resulting from OTO's service quality shall not exceed total price charged for the the translation in question. 。
  9. The client shall specify font, format and other essential item desired for the translation in the order form, otherwise the responsibility for the bad outcome due to reluctance, neglect, mistake or illegibility when filling in the form shall be borne by the filler.
  10. OTO reserves the final right for interpreting this agreement. As to other items unmentioned here, please feel free to inquire.


  1. On average, a translator works at a speed of 4000 ~ 5000 Chinese characters (or 2000 ~ 2500 words ) a day. Please keep this in mind when you set the deadline.
  2. Translation quality is directly proportional to the time invested. As professional translators with years of experience in this trade, we have fully realized that translation is a highly complex, demanding and time-consuming recreation. It is time that makes the masterpiece. So try to allow us enough time for us to provide the best possible service.
  3. To facilitate the whole process and reduce the turnaround time, try to provide as many reference and background materials as possible. Though translators are people with relevant professional background, they still need to have relevant materials to help them understand the context, technical jargon or any other special terms when they undertake any commissions, for different companies may use their in-house special terms which the translators may not be very familiar with.


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